Martel Calbretta

    Where did you grow up?
    Sacramento and Auburn Area

    Where do you currently live?

    What do you do?
    Stay at Home Mom or “Domestic Engineer” lol

    4. What is your athletic background?
    I grew up hiking, running, kayaking, biking – anything outside. Some of the sports I played were Swim Team, Soccer, Water Polo, Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Baseball. I still love getting outside and running or hiking, anything in the water (swim/surf/SUP boarding) and playing in the snow with the kiddos.

    5. How did you get started with CrossFit?
    I thought CrossFit was for the SUPER athletes – but I was in a rut with my running and I came across a Groupon for a month at Echelon and thought “get out of your comfort zone and just see what it’s about”.

    6. How long have you been at CrossFit Echelon?
    Since August 2017.

    7. What are your favorite exercises/WODS and why?
    I like running, rowing, box jumps, kettlebell stuff and so on. I like a lot of the WODS but my favorites are the longer ones. They tend to make me push myself harder.

    8. What exercises/WODS do you dislike and why?
    I struggle with some (A LOT) of the Olympic Lifting – like “Snatches” – BUT, while they aren’t my favorite, I’m hoping that ONE day I’ll get it. ‘Til then, I’ll just keep on trying.

    9. What is your favorite WOD song/music?
    Anything that has a fast beat, loud bass, and makes it so I can’t hear myself struggling to catch my breath.

    10. What is your biggest achievement in CrossFit?
    My last pregnancy was BY FAR the healthiest one I’ve had – I was able to CrossFit up to the week my son was born…AND I’m down 25lbs since coming back after baby!

    11. What are your goals with regards to CrossFit?
    To continue losing weight, gaining muscle and I would LOVE to improve on my Olympic Lifting, Pullups, and Rope Climbs.

    12. What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Echelon? Any memorable moments you would like to share?
    THE PEOPLE. Everyone in class is WITH you…dying, sweating, pushing through and cheering each other on. And the COACHES? They go above and beyond… We all get hit by life in different ways but if you go missing, they come looking for you…making sure you’re okay (Coach Adam). When you are dragging yourself to class after an exhausting day, they bring their contagious upbeat energy (Coach Cody). Always greet you with a genuine smile and a “how’s your day going?” (Coach Hunter). They don’t give up on you no matter HOW MANY TIMES they’ve re-taught you the same move (Coach Mike). And who doesn’t love a 5:30AM workout with a random WOD music playlist of ALL Taylor Swift…really LOUD (Coach Brett).

    13. Give us some insight to your thoughts after your first workout at CrossFit Echelon.
    What is a WOD? What LANGUAGE are they speaking?! (They are kind enough to translate and it helps to look around at what other people are doing.) Oh! And be prepared for the next day –you will be SORE but it’s the “good” kind of sore and while it sounds crazy, working out the next day helps with the soreness.

    14. What is your favorite movie?
    First thought: “Surf Ninjas”. Second thought: “Don’t say that.” Nostalgia, what can I say?

    15. Do you have a favorite place to travel or a favorite place you’ve been?
    Anywhere with a beach…

    16. What other hobbies/talents/skills do you have outside of CrossFit?
    Weekly, I volunteer in my kids’ classes and I am a Kids Club leader at my church. Aside from that, LIFE shows me I have a bunch of really random skills. Kids brought home day old chickens they hatched at school? Apparently, I raise those now. House doesn’t fit your exact needs? Build fences, decks, convert garage including demo and being covered in concrete lol. Need a fancy dairy free homemade Unicorn cake by tomorrow? I got you. I am surprised DAILY.

    17. Who is or has been your biggest role model or inspiration?
    My family – My Mom and Dad, my husband, my brother…such strong, disciplined, self-sacrificing, funny, God-loving, amazing individuals. And my kids – as I teach and try to inspire them, I grow and benefit SO MUCH.

    18. What do you like to eat post/pre WOD?
    Nothing pre-WOD…and post-WOD usually protein/carb/veg.

    19. What is something interesting about you we would be surprised to know?
    People seem to be pretty surprised when they find out I have 5 kids…so I guess that haha.

    20. What is your favorite quote or words to live by?
    “Success isn’t overnight. It’s when everyday you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.”

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