Lauren Miller

    Since starting CrossFit Echelon I have noticed major changes in myself physically and emotionally.  In the beginning, I was not athletic but wanted to get “in shape.”  I lost about 15 pounds right away but for the first time, and I enjoyed lifting weights with friends.  It felt better when those friends cheered you on until the very end.

    Without the community of CrossFit Echelon, I most likely would be stuck on some treadmill not getting the most out of investment into my health.  I have noticed that my arms are much more defined and carry things I never thought I should be able to.  Not only do I have more confidence in how I look but I trust my ability to accomplish things (and not just in the physical realm).  I have been pushed and challenged and am a stronger woman because of it.

    My coaches are amazing and helpful and most of all patient and encouraging.  For my next season of training, I am looking to really make ground on my nutrition and participate in more Spartan Races.  This is the place to be if you are wanting to make the most of your effort towards healthful living.

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