About Us

Why we created CFE

I. Identity: Who we are as Coaches!

We exist as a driving force in the redemption of the fitness industry in Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln and the surrounding areas. The difference between CrossFit Echelon and other CrossFit boxes is that we cater to the non-CrossFitters, while still training some of the top athletes in the area. We were personal trainers before we were CrossFit coaches so we have an empathetic understanding of setting goals and plans to accomplish them and stick with them. We understand your body and its functional design which is the basis of our CrossFit workouts. EVERY workout can be scaled to meet the fitness level of ANY participant no matter the age, gender or skill level.

II. Value: What we want you to receive!

We are fathers, mothers, teachers, students, and public servants first. Simply put: we want to become better at what we do in everyday life so that we may live that life to the fullest. Your increased physical ability will let you outlast your kids on the playground, keep up with the twenty-something’s, and enjoy the physical conditioning of your body, instead of slaving over it. The desire to become better today than we were yesterday is our common bond and is absolutely paramount in our CrossFit facility.

III. Execution: How you are going to get there!

Because we come in every shape, size and ability level, we solely implement a functional fitness program which emphasizes intensity rather than isolation. Our leaner, stronger bodies are achieved primarily through the CrossFit principles: constantly varied, high intensity movements. So… in essence your body becomes the machine.

We spend an hour a day, several times per week, exploring all of the techniques that the Globo-Gyms are too afraid to let you do (i.e. Kettlebells, Plyometrics, gymnastic-styled movements, Olympic Lifts and training in the sunlight).

IV. Bottomline: We have the tools! Do you have the desire?

At our School of Elite Fitness, you will encounter a vehicle to increase your ability level beyond what you thought was possible, as long as you are willing to put forth the effort. We give you the tools and ask that you give us 100% of what you have on that day. To be honest, there will be times during our workouts when you will hate us! But we will guarantee you will thank us when you are done as you slide into the pre-baby jeans, look at your toned body, watch the fat melt away, or find yourself stronger than you were in high school or college.

Our Creed

1. Do not deceive yourself by thinking you can become healthy and fit in just one day or with just one workout. Health is a way of life. Consistency is the key, keep coming, even when you don’t feel like it, but especially when you just don’t want to.

2. “Virtuosity” is performing the common uncommonly well. Master your body and the mechanics of each movement. Practice the fundamentals, then add speed and intensity.

3. Promise to give your all. Your all may change from day to day or even hour to hour, but in that moment, when you are facing a difficult task, give yourself the best of what you got.

4. If you can run, then run. If you need to walk, then walk. If you are forced to crawl, then crawl. REST, and you will survive to fight for your fitness another day.

5. Fear no deficiency. Embrace the fact that you are NOT perfect, there are things you need to work at, and today is the best day to start. Grab your bar, own your ability, and get to work.

6. We do not let our mind tell us when we are done, we listen to our body. Strive for great achievements, knowing that our identity is not what we accomplish, but that we attempted.

7. NEVER cheat! There is no honor in cheating and there will never be joy in a victory not earned by the mark of superior effort.

8. Check your ego at the door. Have the courage, humility, and curiosity to ask for help. We are here for your benefit and will give you everything we have. Be willing to be a student and share the knowledge you learn with others.

9. Be AFRAID of your potential.


Be STRONG, because someone may depend on you.

Be HUMBLE and teachable because it is necessary to learn.

Be PASSIONATE about what deserves passion.

Be YOURSELF because everyone sucks at trying to be someone they are not.

10. Welcome! You’re about to find out what you’re made of.

Our Coaches

Adam Downing

Adam Downing

Co-Owner/Head Coach
Level 1 Certified
BTS SPEAR Instructor Certified
CrossFit Defense Trainer Certified
Scottish Highland Competitor

I am a husband of one, father of four and avid about CrossFit. This gym is and has been a dream of mine for many years. Having been in the fitness industry for over a dozen years, I’ve seen my share of trends, philosophies, and fads, however, CrossFit is different! For me, one of the greatest advantages is its capability to be both exclusive in developing one’s personal skills and create a demanding environment to put those skills to the test. Whatever the ambition (marathon distance running, sport-specific training, or general health), CrossFit has the capability to drive your functional ability to perform on a daily basis or in sport.

When I’m not programming our workouts or growing out my beard for Tough Mudder, I find my fitness most demanded through my home life. I love to spend my time working on a honey-do list with my wife, chasing my little ones around the house, even taking some runs with the dog. Life as I know it, is demanding and I plan on training for it.

If I can deadlift 450 pounds or squat 325, but can’t carry my daughter to bed, then what am I training for? I believe we ought to train for life not live to train.

It is my intention to redeem the image of the fitness industry by dismantling the preconceived notions the general public has about health, fitness, and nutrition. I love the methodologies of CrossFit because of the impact it had in how I view myself and my abilities. I’m passionate about sharing how we do CrossFit because of the measurable and immeasurable benefits I have seen in everyone who participates. When everything is said and done, I want people to walk away saying with confidence that “today I was better than yesterday.”

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Coming from an athletic background, Jason has always enjoyed working out and staying fit. Throughout his 20s and 30s, he spent a couple days each week at the gym doing your stereotypical routine of light cardio and weightlifting, and in his free time would enjoy activities such wakeboarding, riding dirtbikes, and participating in recreation sports leagues. Some of these activities began to take a toll on his body, and he was beginning to notice that he did not move as easily as he once had, and his muscles did not always recover as quickly as they once had. While rehabbing his arm after surgery from a motocross accident, he realized how important it was to start to incorporate different types of movement and mobility into his fitness routine.
Jason tried CrossFit a few times but did not fall in love with it until he found CrossFit Echelon thru a Groupon trial. After just a few weeks of skills and WODs, he could see and feel the difference in his strength, stamina, agility, and mobility. He appreciated the variation and intensity of the workouts, the feeling of community with other CFE members, and the fact that he could get maximum results for a small time commitment each day. These are still the reasons why Jason is passionate about CrossFit today. He enjoys setting new goals to continue to challenge and improve himself through CrossFit. Although he likes all different types of movements, Jason’s favorite WOD is Fran and his favorite lift is a Power Clean.

Jason has always been passionate about motivating and teaching others. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching youth soccer and little league. So when the opportunity to coach at CFE presented itself, it seemed like the perfect fit! As a CrossFit coach, Jason likes to focus on helping people improve their technique, but it’s even more important to him that his athletes feel motivated, encouraged, and supported. His favorite movements to coach are gymnastics skills such as muscle ups, kipping/butterfly pull-ups, and handstand pushups.

Hunter Kellogg

Hunter Kellogg

Hunter has been an athlete at Echelon for 3 years, a member of our Coaching Staff, and run the gyms nutrition program, the Echelon Nutrition Lab.

He received his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in February of 2018 and earned his Precision Nutrition Level One Certification in November of 2018. Before coming to CrossFit Echelon in 2016, Coach Hunter served honorably in the United States Navy. Upon leaving the service, he was looking for a new direction in life and a new place to call home. As a Coach and athlete, he strives to create an environment that celebrates CrossFit’s ability to incorporate fitness and happiness into everyone's life, no matter their background or skill level. Whether a person is training for a marathon, wants to get stronger or lose weight, or simply wants to improve their quality of life, he wants to show you that you have a place at CrossFit Echelon. He is passionate about showcasing the power and freedom that motivation, support, and accountability can bring to your life through exercise and nutrition. He founded the Echelon Nutrition Lab on the principles of teaching people that healthy living is for everyone and how to use it to live life on their own terms. When he’s not at the gym coaching or working out, he spends his spare time with his family, doing GORUCK events and continuing his education.

Cody Leach

Cody Leach

Name: Cody M Leach
Age: 24
Started CF: Aug 2012
Favorite Workout: "The Seven"
Least Favorite Workout: "Frantasy Land"

Cody has been around CrossFit now for a little over 4 years. The introduction of CF into his life back in 2012 forever changed the way he thought about health and fitness. Each and every day is a new opportunity for him to gain some new knowledge then come in here and share it with all of you. He has aspirations to eventually become a member of CrossFit seminar staff, and we're happy to help him reach that goal. When he came to this gym, he was instantly hooked by the family feel that is very apparent when he walked through the doors. Too often he had gone to gyms that cared only for competition and the members were lost in that wash, but now here. He admires each and every person taking the time out of their busy lives, away from family and work, to come in here, suffer a little bit with friends and get a little bit stronger each day! He is excited to know that this will be a very strong chapter in his life!

Brett Styler

Brett Styler

My name is Brett Styler, and I have been coaching at Crossfit Echelon for about 2 years now. I have my Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certification and the USA Olympic Lifting Coaching Certification, and I am continuing to educate myself to better serve the Echelon community. My passion for coaching really came from growing up playing sports, and having the support from coaches not only in sport but on a mental and spiritual level. I fell in love with the Crossfit community because of the fact that it is team oriented, and that anyone at any level of fitness can be involved in such an amazing community. Although I love seeing PRs and coaching people from a fitness stand point, my goal is to help you achieve goals in every aspect of your life not only fitness.

Austin Graydon<br>Coaching Intern

Austin Graydon
Coaching Intern

For those of you that I haven’t seen around the gym, my name is Austin. Echelon has been my home gym for a little over a year, and it has been a pleasure to grind through Saturday slogs and sweat buckets with each of you. I have the honor of being evaluated to earn a spot on the coaching staff, and I want to tell you a little about my background, and explain more about my interest in crossfit.

My journey into the world of fitness was an arduous one. About 8 years ago I suffered a debilitating knee injury that caused me to lose the motivation to exercise and stay healthy. Lacking confidence in my physical health made me anxious to even step foot in a gym, which I did very rarely. This continued for many years. But eventually I dragged myself into a crossfit gym, and for the first time in awhile I felt challenged, accountable, and like I was progressing. I decided I wanted to delve deeper into this world, so I obtained a B.S. degree in Kinesiology at Sac State. My degree emphasis was in clinical exercise and rehabilitation, which I believe gives me a unique angle on the complex movements associated with CrossFit.

Throughout the last 4 years I have found passion in both endurance running and olympic weightlifting. I really enjoy working out the kinks of running biomechanics, like fine tuning foot-strike position and building knee stability to develop a more efficient and comfortable stride. I have worked closely with ultra endurance runners, and would like to work with CrossFit athletes to make running a little more approachable. I am also pushing myself to learn more about the intricacies of olympic lifting, and am working on getting my level 1 USA weightlifting certification. I hope to use my unique background to bring value to all of you by helping to prevent and rehabilitate injuries, build functional strength, and to bulletproof problem areas like the shoulders, knees, and lumbar spine.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I will see you at the box soon.

Leann Bowden<br>Coaching Intern

Leann Bowden
Coaching Intern

My name is Leann. I am relatively new to Echelon and excited to get to know all of you. Adam and I have been discussing the possibility of getting to coach with the Echelon crew. If I haven’t been able to WOD with you yet, here is a quick introduction of who I am and what I’m all about.

I was first introduced to CrossFit about six years ago after having my fourth and last baby. I was looking to get my body back and do something challenging and positive for myself. I have to admit CrossFit intimidated me at first. I had tried many weight loss programs from P90X to group exercise with weights to traditional gyms. When my husband came home with a six-pack after a month of CrossFit I decided to give it a try. It didn’t take long before I was “drinking the Kool-Aid” and was hooked. A year later I had my level one and was being mentored by one of the original Firebreathers, Greg Amundson, in Santa Cruz. The CrossFit community in the Santa Cruz area is really big and I learned a lot of valuable tools from my time in Santa Cruz. Everytime I moved I naturally found myself learning new skills and techniques. I really enjoy the process of helping to take someone from where they are, setting achievable goals, and putting in the daily work necessary to achieve them.

Crossfit has been life-changing for me. It helps me to be a better mother and wife and continues to challenge me. There is something so empowering when I am finally able to get that new skill or hit a PR. In my past as a coach, I lived for those “ah-ha” moments: I love being apart of the process as change occurs and an athletes’ confidence increases. As time progressed in my CrossFit coaching, I have been taught to value proper movement in everything (but most importantly the basics). I enjoy getting to the root of what is holding an athlete back from excelling to their goals and fine-tuning proper body mechanics.

I have adopted a mindset of constantly refining my fitness with good effort and trusting the process of what CrossFit can do for you. You all have made me feel welcomed and I am excited to come into class and hit it hard with you. Thanks for letting me join your CrossFit family and I am excited at the opportunity to lead you guys in class in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

So by now you probably have a couple of specific questions to what you will experience on an everyday basis.  Here are some of the those frequently asked questions.

Do I need to be in shape before I try this?

Absolutely NOT, it is better that you see us sooner rather than later. Because we pride ourselves in mastering the techniques needed to achieve your greatest fitness ever, we want to ensure that you don’t develop any bad habits or misconceptions with regards to some of the more difficult movements. Coaching you towards and beyond your goals is the only motivation to do what we do. Let us help you establish clear, definable, and measurable goals, then attack them with an endless fury.

Who’s in charge of the classes?

Under the supervision of a CrossFit Certified Instructor you will hone your skills and increase your capacity. We have a combined 19 years (five and thirteen, respectively) as professionals in the industry. Our commitment is to help you scale the WOD to your individual fitness level. We want you to be challenged without incurring injuries, which is why we strongly encourage you to practice the principles of CrossFit at our gym where your instructor can oversee your function and form.

Do you offer gender specific classes?

Our community and classes are co-ed, we think camaraderie is better that way. We strive to create a friendly atmosphere and feel this makes the physically demanding environment more fun and rewarding. When you’re really giving all of your effort to your workout, you’re simply too focused on the task at hand to worry about anything else around you and so are those CrossFitters beside you! In fact, we highly encourage you to attend classes with your spouses or significant others.

What will I experience on a typical day at CrossFit Echelon?

Based on the level of the class, the speed will be faster or slower. All “Beginner” classes spend a greater amount of time on the skill portion of the day and the “General Population” classes will be mastering the skills previously learned. Classes typically consist of three sections: (1) warm-up, (2) skill/strength, and (3) the Workout of the Day.

We will guide you through a warm-up, followed by the learning/mastering of a common CrossFit skill; because we hold technique as the highest priority. Lastly, is the workout of the day also known as the ‘WOD’ (the bread and butter of CrossFit). These generally last from 5-20 minutes at the most and consist of increasing your intensity so that we can help you reach your goal, whether that is overall tone, weight loss, strength building or just a change of pace from the mundane.

What are the size of the classes like?

Our CrossFit classes are deliberately kept small so that the highest quality instruction can be given. Sometimes there are as few as three or four people in a class, but there will never be greater than a 16:1 ratio of athlete:coach.

How much are the memberships?

We will show you that the true VALUE of CrossFit outweighs the cost. You are invited to join us for a complimentary assessment and baseline fitness exam. This will help us understand who you are, what your desires are, and how we can help you integrate into a community of people that are already on the path to elite fitness. Once you experience the difference CrossFit can make in your training program, you will realize your goals are well within reach. First hand is the only way to experience CrossFit, so schedule your intro with us today.




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