1.  Do not deceive yourself by thinking you can become healthy and fit in just one day or with just one workout.  Health is a way of life.  Consistency is the key, keep coming, even when you don’t feel like it, but especially when you just don’t want to.

2.  “Virtuosity” is performing the common uncommonly well.  Master your body and the mechanics of each movement.  Practice the fundamentals, then add speed and intensity.

3.  Promise to give your all.  Your all may change from day to day or even hour to hour, but in that moment, when you are facing a difficult task, give yourself the best of what you got.

4.  If you can run, then run.  If you need to walk, then walk.  If you are forced to crawl, then crawl.  REST, and you will survive to fight for your fitness another day.

5.  Fear no deficiency.  Embrace the fact that your are NOT perfect, there are things you need to work at, and today is the best day to start.  Grab your bar, own your ability, and get to work.

6.   We do not let our mind tell us when we are done, we listen to our body.  Strive for great achievements, knowing that our identity is not what we accomplish, but that we attempted.

7.  NEVER cheat!  There is no honor in cheating and there will never be joy in a victory not earned by the mark of superior effort.

8.  Check your ego at the door.  Have the courage, humility, and curiosity to ask for help.  We are here for your benefit and will give you everything we have.  Be willing to be a student and share the knowledge you learn with others.

9.   Be AFRAID of your potential.


Be STRONG, because someone may depend on you.

Be HUMBLE and teachable because it is necessary to learn.

Be PASSIONATE about what deserves passion.

Be YOURSELF because everyone sucks at trying to be someone they are not.

10. Welcome!  You’re about to find out what you’re made of.